Organic Picual (Spain)



This amazing Picual from Spain is intensely
green and complex with stand-out notes of green
olive, green tea, and green tomato leaf with hints
of bitter herb. With a 456 polyphenol count this
oil is packed with healthy antioxidants and
anti-inflammatories. It is ideal for all cooking
applications and a great pick for those desiring
a high polyphenol oil to consume raw as a


Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment (at time of crush):
Fruitiness: 5.0  Bitterness: 4.0  Pungency: 4.3
Chemistry Analysis (as measured at time of crush):
FFA: 0.10   PV: 3.7  POLY: 456 OLEIC: 80.3 
DAGs: 95.8   PPP: <1.0


About the Grower

Soler Romero is a family business is Jaen,
Spain, dating back six generations to the mid-1850s.
They control every aspect of producing their olive oils
from cultivation to milling and bottling at their
very own on-site mill.