Organic Arbequina (California)


This Organic Arbequina is creamy, delicate, and
buttery with notes of green almond, artichoke and citrus.
This originally Spanish varietal has a desirable
peppery finish paired with a very low bitterness,
making it an ideal Extra Virgin Olive Oil for
finishing, dressings, and salads. 

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment (at time of crush)
       Fruitiness: 4.0   Bitterness: 3.0   Pungency: 3.5
    Chemistry Analysis (as measured at time of crush)
FFA: 0.10  PV: 5.7  POLY: 252ppm  OLEIC: 68.8  
DAGs: 94.2  PPP: <1.0


About the Grower
Polit Farms produces organic olive oil in in
the fertile upper northwest Sacramento Valley in
California, USA.