*New* Hojiblanca (Melgarejo, Spain)


This Hojiblanca, grown by world-renowned Melgarejo,
won first prize in the “Intense Green Fruitiness” Category
at the 2017 Mario Solinas International Extra Virgin Olive
Oil Competition! It is fruity and complex with notes of freshly
cut grass, green tomato, green apple, artichoke and green
almond. It has a big, desirable peppery finish due to it
being chock full of healthy antioxidants. It is ideal for cooking,
sautéing, or adding to antioxidant boosting smoothies.

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment (at time of crush):
              Fruitiness: 6.0   Bitterness: 4.0   Pungency: 5.5
            Chemistry Analysis (as measured at time of crush):
FFA: 0.20 PV: 4.5 Biophenols: 565.9ppm OLEIC: 77.4
DAGs: 97.9 PPP: <1.0


About the Grower

Aceites Melgarejo is located in Pegalajar, Jaen, Spain. 
Melgarejo is a family-run grove dating back to the 1780s 
when the current owner’s great-great-grandfather 
began operations.