Frantoio/Leccino (Chile)


 This always-popular extra virgin olive oil is a blend
of two delicious Italian olive varietals: the fruity
Frantoio and the green, herbal Leccino. These two
olives combine to create a creamy, malty center with
notes of green grass, wildflowers and green apple with
a delightful peppery finish. It has a high fruitiness, which
paired with its lower bitterness makes this oil ideal
for finishing, dressings, and salads. 

   Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment:
       Fruitiness: 5.0   Bitterness: 3.5    Pungency: 4.5
    Chemistry Analysis (as measured at time of crush):
  FFA: 0.13   PV: 3.5   POLY: 267   OLEIC: 76.7   
DAGs: 92.7   PPP: 1.3


About the Grower

Aceites Alonso is a family-run grove in La Estrella, 
Chile that has been operating since 2011. Chile’s ideal 
Mediterranean-like climate is perfect for growing the 
highest quality olives, and as a results this grove has won
many highly coveted awards such as the Best in Class
and the Marco Mugelli Awards at the Los Angeles
International Olive Oil Competition.