Chiquitita (Portugal)

This Portuguese Chiquitita is considered a new
varietal and is a cross between the Spanish Picual
olive and the Spanish Arbequina olive. It is sweet
and delicate, displaying pleasant notes of green
almond and olive. This is a beautiful mild Extra Virgin
Olive Oil and is ideal for salads, finishing, and any
other raw applications.
Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment (at time of crush):
Fruitiness: 4.0   Bitterness: 3.3   Pungency: 3.5
Chemistry Analysis (as measured at time of crush):
FFA: 0.10 PV: 3.9 POLY: 179ppm OLEIC: 70.7 DAGs: 95.7 PPP: 1.6


About the Grower

Quinta do Pouchão is located near Abrantes
in the heart of the Ribatejo Region, Portugal, an area
with a well-known history of producing Portugal’s best
Extra Virgin Olive Oils thanks to its Mediterranean
climate and hot summers.