*New* Biancolilla (Sicily, Italy)


 Biancolilla is a delicious olive varietal native to Sicily.
It has a wonderful creaminess with notes of artichoke,
green apple and savory herbs. It is very fruity and peppery
with little bitterness, which means that it shines in a wide
range of applications! This oil would be great for  everything
from cooking in the oven and sautéing to finishing dishes,
salad dressings and even dipping. 

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment (at time of crush): Fruitiness: 4.8   Bitterness: 3.0   Pungency: 4.8
Chemistry Analysis (as measured at time of crush):
  FFA: 0.20  PV: 6.2  Biophenols: 422.1ppm  Polys: 253ppm  
 OLEIC: 72.8  DAGs: 94.0  PPP: <1.0

About the Grower

With a history going back generations, Dolce Olio
was created when two Italian families rooted deep
in the culture, values and passion of Sicilian food 
merged together to produce delicious Sicilian olive