What is Extra Virgin?

To put it simply:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil = fresh, seasonal fruit juice.

Just like your fresh greens and tomatoes from the farmers market, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is seasonal and you want to consume the freshest, healthiest, tastiest harvest possible! That's why one of the most important things to look for when purchasing an EVOO is the crush date (when it was harvested). We rotate between two harvests to ensure you're consuming the freshest, tastiest, healthiest EVOO at any time of the year. Northern hemisphere EVOOs (from the Mediterranean and California) are crushed in the fall, and Sourthern hemisphere EVOOs (Australia, Argentina, and Chile to name a few) are crushed in the spring. This is where our name takes it's meaning; "Olive del Mondo" means "Olives of the World" in Italian.

We are dedicated to full transparency - all the way from the grove to the instant we pour your bottle. We provide a full grower profile for every single olive oil we carry so you know exactly where your oil is coming from. 

We're proud to be on Tom Mueller's (author of Extra Virginity) list of recommended "Places to get Great Olive Oil in America!" Review the list by clicking here

Every single Extra Virgin Olive Oil we carry is third-party analyzed at the award-winning Modern Olives Lab in Australia. Why is this important? Because sometimes olive oils can be old, refined, or adulterated.