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Creme Fraiche

03 August, 2012


 Photo: Creme Fraiche at the 12 hour mark.

Creme Fraiche is one of those culinary ingredients that sounds so sophisticated and terribly difficult to make, but is actually a breeze to master! It's a wonderful addition to a wide array of dishes from fresh berries, pies and puddings to boiled onions, chicken, roasted veggies or smoked salmon.

Here's a simple recipe that take 24 hours but requires little to no attention during the process:


1 tbsp real buttermilk
1 cup heavy cream

Mix buttermilk and heavy cream together in a ceramic bowl.

Cover the bowl (a plate works best), set to one side, and wait. Let it sit at room temperature for about 24 hours. It will begin to thicken. Once it reaches a consistency similar to mayonnaise, put the bowl in the refrigerator, still covered with the plate. Here allow it to thicken a little bit more. It will also get tangier and tangier, which is what you want, as it it thickens.